Always Have a Professional Double Check!


Here is an example of a customer that was in a minor car accident and the body showed very minimal damage, but the back tire looked a little crooked. He brought it in to the body shop “just in case”. They took one look underneath and brought it straight to Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment.


This 2015 Honda CRV looked OK but had a bent suspension underneath. Because all of the newer cars are built on a unibody instead of a frame, additional parts are needed. All the parts of the suspension that keep your tires in place are mounted on a piece called a cradle. This customer’s back cradle was bent causing the tire to sit at an angle. If left unchecked, this could have caused major damage to the tire, wheel, brake system and more!

With this harsh weather that just won’t stop, please remember to slow down and if you should happen to hit anything come get it checked. Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment always offers free tire, brake and front end inspections. Better safe than sorry! You and your passenger’s safety and comfort are important to Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment.

Give us a call or stop by anytime, we always offer free inspections on:
• Tires
• Brakes
• Scans (error codes)
• Front Ends