AYRES Muffler Brake and Alignment Offers Free Inspections

 Dodge Valiant Free Front End Inspection

This classic Dodge Valiant was brought for our free front end inspection. AYRES Muffler Brake and Alignment’s mechanic found a few minor issues with the suspension and recommended an alignment.  We always recommend to our customers if they are in doubt of an issue with their car to bring it in for a free inspection. As is often the case, what is a minor issue could turn into a major one if ignored long term.

If your car isn’t riding/driving as well as it used to give AYRES Muffler Brake and Alignment a call to schedule your free inspection today!

You and your passenger’s safety and comfort are important to Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment. We treat all your vehicles like they are our own. Give us a call or stop by anytime. We always offer free inspections on:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Scans (error codes)
  • Front Ends