brakes - repair and replacementAYRES Muffler Brake and Alignment provides complete brake system service on drum and disc brakes.

We turn/true drums and rotors.

AYRES Muffler Brake and Alignment uses only quality name brand parts for better life and performance. Wheel bearings are now sealed, the hub and bearing come as an assembled unit. Older bearings are packed with grease and the seals are replaced in the hubs.

We flush brake systems.

brake pads and caliperAYRES Muffler Brake and Alignment can service calipers and caliper mounts. We can eliminate brake vibrations and/or steering wheel shimmy when braking.

We scan and repair ABS brake systems.

Have your brakes checked on a regular basis. Driving your car to this point is not only dangerous it also costs more to replace the rotor and caliper. The outside of this rotor is worn all the way to the cooling fins.