Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment Has a Rack for You

At Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment we have three different types of racks to best work on your car, truck, bus, motorhome, commercial vehicle and more.


The first and most common is held by the tires or wheel assembly. This is the one you can easily drive up on and then your car is lifted. (Sorry you cannot stay in the car while it is being lifted) This rack is best to work on your exhaust system, brakes and front end.


The second rack uses frame contact to lift your vehicle. Two arms swing left and right to allow for best placement on each vehicle so Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment is able to pick up your car without damaging it. The frame contact lift is best used for tire replacement or service, tire rotations and suspension work.


The third rack is a roll on rack, for larger commercial vehicles, motor homes / RV’s and buses to roll or drive unto with a pit underneath.  We can work on anything up to 14 feet!

You and your passenger’s safety and comfort are important to Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment. We treat all your vehicles like they are our own. Give us a call or stop by anytime, we always offer free inspections on:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Scans (error codes)
  • Front Ends